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Leo Marshell was formed in 1993 in Chennai and has since then grown rapidly and established itself as a most reliable and trustworthy professionals recruitment firm. We have transitioned from being a technical recruitment firm to a successful executive recruitment firm into our specialised sectors.



Industrial & Manufacturing


LMA proudly acknowledges and attributes its great success to its team of most talented and most dynamic recruitment specialist staff who are doubly ready to provide customized solutions to both clients and candidates.

Why Leo Marshell?

Connecting People & Performance


Improving Applicants experience

We concentrate on building relationship based on candidate centric approach where our focus is to search, attract, and recommend career connections based on 3 C’s (Clarity, Communicate & Closure)which motivates them.

We support organizations to fortify their pillars

Employers can broaden their search across locations… Employers need not limit their search for the best talent to one location when Leo Marshell gives them the opportunity to source talents from more than a wide geographical location.


Working Across Borders

With more than 20 years of recruitment expertise we have established our presence in India, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Germany, Middle East, China, Ireland, UK & Australia.

Professional Development

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Our Clients

Our total client list can be summarized as 50% from healthcare; 40% from Industrial & Manufacturing while 10% in Technology sectors.

Over 80% of our recruitment engagements were on behalf of repeat clients & client referrals for whom we had placed in the previous years. Through our “ Talent Brand “

Based on our existing client list, Leo Marshell is the recruitment partner for 35% of the client list since our inception.

Sourcing & Assessment

We have had an excellent track record in sourcing, assessing and recommending exact fit. Our Ratio of Profile Referred: Placement has been maintained at 2:1

More than 70% of Leo Marshell recruitment assignments has been done within a short span directly from our strong data pool.

Almost 45% of the recruitment assignments were carried out through customized recruitment protocols designed as per the client needs….

Leo Marshell extensive candidate database includes profiles of 10 million professionals from different sectors.